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The band at the beach


1. Lord Don't Forsake Me

Todd Rakestraw/Happy Valley Music/BMI
This is one of our favorite songs. It is a powerhouse of emotion, and expresses the desperate situation of trying to make it on our own.

Oh my Lord Please don’t forsake me
This is your child I’m tired and sore
Oh my Lord can you hear me?
I need your love my soul is poor

I can hear, the angels singing
I can see those pearly gates
Oh my Lord, can you hear me?
I need a place where I can rest

Oh my Lord, I can’t remember
When I first said “Come in my life”
For I have lived my life in darkness
My whole world is filled with strife

Oh my Lord, can you hear me?
I need a place where I can rest.

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3. Prodigal


Greg Skopp/BMI
This is a familiar story to many but hardly
a familiar perspective.

I looked through the door of my room the other day
My father and brother softly talked
My father gave my brother a large bag of coins
And a way from the door my brother walked

My brother departed for a land so far away
Spent his money on women and wine
Using his portion of gold from the farm
With rich men now he does dine

He’s on a long long road to nowhere
Winding hight and low
The choices he’s made on this journey
To men who have eyes he will show

I looked through the door of my room today
A beggar down the road I do see
But this hobo in rags my father does embrace
My Lord what a fool is he

My fathers’s words come drifting o’er the cornfield
Place him in the finest of robes
Put this golden ring on his finger
My dead son now lives and has come home

I’ve served my father oh so faithfully each day
Not squandered a penny or dime
I’ve worked on this land all of my life
I’ve given my heart and my time
But no fatted calf will they dare to kill for me
No golden ring do I receive I want justice
no mercy or forgiveness can I give
And now shall I leave?

I’d rather be a slave and to work for my bread
Than to live alongside of these two
The one a dirty prodigal wants a second chance
And the other’s a plain simple fool

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5. Faultline

Greg Skopp/BMI
This exciting instrumental is named after our home-state’s natural disastorous potential


6. Nickel Mines

Greg Skopp/BMI
Dedicated to all those affected by the tragedy of Nickel Mines, PA . We deeply respect your courage and forgiveness.

No one knows what he was thinking
When he rose from bed that day
And walked into the schoolyard
Where the children were at play
Why he was so violent
We may never know
But with a fit of passion
Did damage to his soul
Five endearing children
He killed on that day
And another of equal number
He wounded deep they say
The parents and the close relatives
Had ample cause to hate
But in their love for God and man
Forgiveness would not wait

And it was love for an enemy
Forgiveness in a tragedy
Not one ill word was uttered
Against the troubled soul
The loving group though sad and torn
Will not forget that dreadful morn
When five of their dear angels
Were borne to Heaven’s throne

Were we to lose one of our own
At the hands of an evil man
Would we not seek sweet revenge
To ease our awful pain
Would we remember Christ’s own words
To forgive those who wrong
And love without condition
And show our faith is strong

A mystery to most of us
Is the love that these have shown
Who would receive the killer’s wife
And treat her as their own
A lesson is both taught and learned
And in this light is shown
When forgiveness is a way of life
The seeds of love are sown

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9. The Angel Cried

Dennis Engleman/BMI
String Arr.-Tim Zieminski
A true jewel written by our good friend Dennis Engleman,
this song depicts every stage of man’s spiritual life, from birth to death, as witnessed by his guardian Angel.

On a frosty winter morn
A little baby boy was born 
And flying down from Heaven’s Host
A guardian angel looked with love
And vowed to stand his post
The angel cried this child is mine to guard and guide
The angel cried the angel cried

And when the babe to youth had grown
Prayers of saints became his own
With hope of heaven in his breast
He offered to the Lord
His waking and his rest
The angel cried this child must be proved and tried
The angel cried, the angel cried

And when the youth his manhood gained
His heart with sinful thoughts was stained
Drowning ‘neath the sea of life
He floundered in the shamelessness of this world’s desires
The angel cried this child has lost his way and died
The angel cried, the angel cried

And when the man had suffered years
Drained his heart of bitter tears
His wounded soul was washed ashore
And seizing hold of holy ground
He looked to God once more
The angel cried this child will yet be purified
The angel cried, the angel cried

Though sins be as scarlet
They shall be whiteas snow

With hands by prayerful labor worn
This spirit was reborn
And when his earthy life was o’er
Angelic arms carried him up to heaven’s door
The angel cried this child loves the Crucified
The angel cried, the angel cried

Special Guests
Tim Zieminski - Violin
Sean Colbert - Viola
Jamie Feldman - Cello

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12. Gotta Live Right

Greg Skopp/BMI
A swingy gospel number, we love to perform this one.

Gotta live right
As you’re walking through this life
Gotta live right
If you want to reach the other side
You’ve got to fall down on your knees
So God can hear your pleas
He will lead you through the night
But you gotta live right

In the land of Nineveh
Where sin it was the law
And people didn’t care what they did
God sent Jonah to say
Gotta walk in the narrow way
You’ve got to see the light
Gotta live right

We think we’ve got it made
When our paycheck is paid
And life is good and things go our way
But my brother arise
For the Bridegroom is nigh
Keep up the fight
Gotta live right

Special Guest
Marissa Zieminski - Flute

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13. Saving Grace

Helena Woolums/BMI
String Arr.-Tim Zieminski/Greg Skopp
This stunning duet is sung by Helena and her sister Juliana. It began as a small thought about our beloved, departed, sister in Christ, Alyse, and developed into an acknowledgement of human suffering, loss, hope and salvation in Christ’s “Saving Grace”.

I saw the words “rest in peace”
Tears of pain rolled down my cheeks
Another chapter another story told
Another person another soul

Saving grace and a well that’s never dry
Find a place with neither death nor sighs
Take a look around my friend and see what you can find
Strength of heart in love and peace of soul and mind

Looking forward now what does the future hold?
Maybe true love or pearls and gold?
It doesn’t really matter anyway
What count’s for now is what I do and say

Special Guest
Julianna Woolums - Harmony Vocal
Tim Zieminski - Violin
Sean Colbert - Viola
Jaime Feldman - Cello


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Well Thats Never Dry - Notes & lyrics

  1. Lord Don't Forsake Me
  2. Empty Rooms
  3. Prodigal
  4. The Heavenly Parade
  5. Faultline
  6. Nickel Mines
  7. I’m Gonna Sing ‘Till the Spirit Moves in My Heart
  8. Lonesome Night
  9. The Angel Cried
  10. Let Me Down
  11. Closest of Friends
  12. Gotta Live Right
  13. Saving Grace
  14. Walking in the Spirit

2. Empty Rooms

Helena Woolums/BMI
This lyrical and metaphoric song was added to our repitoire when a dear friend suggested this title, for which Helena immediately wrote this song.

A dark old mansion falling into ruin
End of earth the sky and sea so blue
A dark old mansion full of empty rooms
End of souls so dazed all life seems doomed

Empty rooms, empty souls
Lives consumed, out of control
Watching for the sunrise, joy to come
Waiting for the demise of earthly song

Gold moon rises and the night is black
Stars shake their heads with sadness calling all back
To the light of sun and endless day
To the time when men for mercy shall pray

Mansions bought and now there is some hope
The rooms are filling bearing His light yoke
Deep crimson carpet spread before his feet
Each room waiting their new Master to meet

The rooms are filled
The Buyer came
The blood He spilled
It drove away

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Stone mansion in ruins


4. The Heavenly Parade

Adger M. Page/J.T. Cook
A bouncy A’capella number this song is reminiscent of a shape-note song that has struck up a friendship with a barber-shop quartet.

Our traveling days will soon be over here
And we shall cross the rolling tide
For we are down here for just a little while
Our home is on the other side
Ambassadors true for Jesus our redeemer
And its a love crusade
For right against wrong
But soon we’ll join the throng in
Heaven when the saints parade

For Heaven’s Kings we gladly sing the story old
Yet ever new in Glory land with that glad band
We’ll promenade in Heaven’s parade

So happy are we in telling you my friends
That Jesus can redeem your soul
From every known sin and make you feel within
Joy billows only then will roll
A happy new song you will begin to sing
‘Till Jesus He a way hath made
To Glory land fair
We’ll have a mansion there
In heaven with the saint’s parade

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7. I’m Gonna Sing ‘Till the Spirit Moves in My Heart

Moses Hogan/Hal Leonard Corporation
Written by a modern master composer this amazing
spiritual is an astonishing number.

I’m gonna sing ‘till the Spirt moves in my heart
I’m gonna sing ‘till the Spirt moves in my heart
I’m gonna sing ‘till the Spirt moves in my heart
I’m gonna sing ‘till Jesus comes

It was grace that brought me
It was grace that taught me
It was grace that kept me
And it’s grace that will lead me home

I’m gonna pray ‘till the Spirit moves in my heart
I’m gonna pray ‘till Jesus comes

Can’t you feel the spirit moving?

I’m gonna shout ‘till the Spirit moves in my heart
I’m gonna shout ‘till Jesus comes

I’m gonna sing till my Jesus comes

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8. Lonesome Night

Greg Skopp/BMI
This song has a classic country feel to it as it follows in the tradition of relating the lonely moments in life.

Standing in the moonlight alone with the cold
Lonesome for his darling who’d gone far from home
Rejected the comfort of family and friends
He longed for the girl who he was to wed

A boy in West Virginia a miner by trade
He dug for the coal till his debts were paid
He loved a girl who he’d known all his life
And he always swore that she’d be his wife

Cry, cry, cry to the girl who did fly
Missing the love they said they’d keep ‘till they died
Now she’d gone and left him and he was so lonesome
For he was forsaken, alone in the night

The wind began a blowing as the cold night dragged on
He missed his sweet-heart who God had called home
He remembered the sparkle that her eyes had shone
And the thoughts he was thinking turned his heart to stone

Then God sent an angel to warm this boy’s soul
In the form of an old miner his hands black with coal
He said my dear son God loves you you know
Just turn to him and your heartaches will go

And cry, cry, cry, his spirits did fly
For the love that he felt for his God who had died
He’d risen again and He’d shone forth His light
His heart God had melted and warmed up the night

Special Guest:
Dan Stacy - banjo

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10. Let Me Down

(Heavenly Bottomland)
Dennis Engleman/BMI
This great song by Dennis Engleman, speaks of searching
and finding our true home.

Let me down, O Lord, to the heavenly bottomlan;
Let me down, O Lord, to the heavenly bottomland

I am looking for pasture, I am hoping to graze
I am searching for a field like no earthly place
Where water and sunshine heals body and soul
I am looking for that land where sinners become whole

I’ve wandered through deserts where nothing is green
I’ve walked stony cliffs where no life is seen
But I’m weary of my path through the dust and the gloom
Let me find God’s sweet garden that’s always in bloom

I’d rather live once in eternity and be the least thing there
Than a million lifetimes in the world I see
Though king of earth sea and air

Special Guest
Beth McLeester - Accordian

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11. Closest of Friends

Greg Skopp/BMI
Following the traditions of Irish and Early American ballads this song tells the story of man drafted into the army leaving a wife behind.

They were the closest of friend
They were the fondest of lovers
Clinging to each other
Living from day to day

Then one day he went away
And for his freedom gave
His service to the battle
Being waged so far away

She’ll often cry his name
To the stars up in the sky
Praying he can hear her
Wherever he may lie

Summer turned to Autumn
And Winter into Spring
No news from her sweetheart
Did the seasons bring

Sitting alone in the garden
A blossom came drifting down
"Oh, bloom won't you take a message,
To my love where he be found"forget me not flower

The loneliness inside of her
It caused her grief and pain
Her bitter tears of sorrow
Fell like the pouring rain

Ever faithful to her love
She vowed she’d never wed
Even if he was lying
On some battlefield stone dead

Then one sunny day
A young man passing by
Stepped into a garden
Where the pretty maid he did spy
Then she came out of the kitchen
And tears they filled her eyes
And then in sweet embrace
Sweet tears of joy they cried

She’ll often cry his name
To the stars up in the sky
Praying for each other
As the years roll by

Special Guest
Elisa Colbert - Harp

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14. Walking in the Spirit 

Mark Hayes/Hinshaw Music Inc.
We just adore this exciting spiritual introduced to us
by Elizabeth Skopp

Do you have the Spirit?
Do you have the Spirit of God?
It’s a good, good feeling way down in your soul
When you’re walking in the spirit of God

Now Moses saw the spirit
Moses saw the spirit of God
He came down from the mountain
With God’s light on his face
For Moses saw the glory of God

Now Joshua heard the Spirit
Joshua heard the Spirit of God
He blew his trumpet at Jerico
And the walls came a’tumblin’ down

Now David knew the Spirit
David knew the Spirit of God
When he played on his harp so melodiously
The evil spirit left old Saul

Now Daniel knew the Spirit
Daniel knew the Spirit of God
Even down in the lions’ den Daniel believed
And the lions’ mouths were shut