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New CD Released!

Our new CD "Mercy Of Peace" is out and for sale on our CDs Page. Mercy Of Peace is a collection of some of our favorite liturgical selections from the Orthodox traditions of Bulgaria, Russia, Greece and Georgia.

The band members have always been the core of our church choir and sing liturgical music in church and bluegrass and gospel music outside of church.

Once at the end of a performance of songs mostly from Well That's Never Dry, at a local coffee house, to a very enthusiastic crowd of friends and strangers; the band decided to put down their instruments and sing The Anaphora as an encore. The heavenly music transported the audience to another realm and when the hymn ended the whole room was filled with a prayerful silence. Applause broke out as the audience realized they were still in the coffee house and the show was over.

A year or so later some visiting friends had the opportunity to see the band on stage and hear them as the choir in church on the same weekend. They came up with the idea of a liturgical album sung by Living H2O as an inspiration to other youth to participate more in church services and offered to produce it.

Mercy Of Peace is the result, we hope you will enjoy this CD as much as we enjoyed making it.

You can hear selections from the CD on the New Release page.

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